Ascentify's Terms of Service, Billing, and Refund Policy

Continuous membership:

To ensure uninterrupted service, all subscriptions to Ascentify are renewed automatically using the credit card on file. All of our subscriptions are renewed at the current subscription rate when the current subscription term ends.


You may cancel at any time, however, you will still have access to the services until your subscription period expires. For example, if you are on a Monthly plan, your subscription will be valid until the end of the current monthly period. Similarly, if you are on a Yearly subscription plan, your subscription will be valid until the end of the Yearly plan.


Moving from subscription Plans:

You can move from one plan to another at any time, but the plan switch will take effect when the current plan term finishes. In other words, if you are on a Monthly plan and want to switch to a Yearly plan, you can upgrade your plan at any time and the Yearly plan will take effect as soon as the current monthly period is finished. Similarly, if you move from Yearly to Monthly, the Monthly plan will take effect as soon as the current Yearly plan expires.



Depending on what plan you are on, and when you started your plan, you will be billed at the start of every subscription period. You will be billed monthly if it is a Monthly plan and Yearly if it is a yearly plan.



Since Ascentify provides a free option, there are no refunds once a subscription period has been paid for. However, you can cancel at any time and still have use of the service until the plan you have purchased has expired.


Payments made in error:

If you have been charged by mistake or there has been an error in billing, please submit a support request detailing the issue. A support representative will review your case and assist you in resolving your issue. If you do not hear back from us in a timely manner, please check your email's spam folder—many email providers block unrecognized email addresses to protect you from Spam and other email scam attempts.